Andrea started as a hip-hop dancer at the age of 14. In those years he has participated at some of the most important contests such as CRUISIN, the italian tv show “Music Gate” on Rai Gulp, a workshop in Paris winning the first place at MC HIP HOP CONTEST (2007), dancer at the opening of “Universiadi di Torino” and hired by REEBOK at “fiera del fitness di Rimini” (2009). A decisive point for his artistic growth was the chance to attend the professional school "Debbie Reynolds Studios" at Los Angeles, California in 2008. Meanwhile he graduated in P.E. university (SUISM), in Turin 2011. In 2018 comes a Guinness World Record with the roue cyr "Most of the coins run in 30 seconds" and takes part in the tour of "Le Cirque with the best artists in the world" The show of the stage with the legends of the circus like Anatoly Zalievsky , Viktor Kee and Decoste Yves.

At 23 he felt the need to expand his artistic horizons, to create a performance that doesn’t concern only dance, but to evolve his previous skills with new realities, he needed to proceed from soul searching and to find different art forms. With the help of his older brother (a circus performer), he increased his experience found his answer in circus art. He attend the school “Cirko Vertigo” based in Grugliasco (Turin) in 2012, graduating as a professional circus performer with the chosen discipline Roue Cyr. This versatile tool, allows him to reach his full artistic creativity, approach and style. This has became the fulcrum of his artistic setted goals: to merge Hip-Hop dance at the Roue Cyr.